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About us
       Huangshan Jinggong gravure plate Co. Ltd. is a Beijing Limited by Share Ltd, Mount Huangshan Yongjia kitarm Seiko plate (Group) Co. Ltd., Largan composite materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. established a joint venture, specializing in the production and operation of the gravure roller, is a national high-tech enterprise. The main products are: plastic packaging, cigarette pa...
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Mount Huangshan Seik
    At 9:30 on February 8th, Mount Huangshan Seiko convened 20...
Huangshan Seiko appr
Huangshan Seiko gravure printing plate Co., Ltd. was approved by the Anhui provincial scienc...
Huangshan Seiko 2015
From the "2015 year Huangshan City private enterprises hundred ranking results notice" (Huan...
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